ISY Integration State Variable Correctness

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ISY Integration State Variable Correctness

Post by DBB » Wed Nov 14, 2018 3:24 pm

Following the Auteles wiki article "Pool Control (PI) Universal Devices ISY 2-Way Integration," I've integrated my Autelis Pentair module with Universal Device's ISY994 controller. My Pentair controller is the EasyTouch.

In the ISY's development console, I can see the current values reflecting what is being reported from the Autelis module. However, some of the information being reported back does not seem to hit the correct ISY state variable. For example, I was wanting a program to trigger off of the pool's freeze protect mode. It appears that the FreezeProtect mode is actually coming across on what was defined in the Autelis wiki as OperatingMode. AirTemp also seems to be incorrect and reports as SpaTemp.

The main equipment variables for pump, aerator, spa, lights, etc. seem to follow the wiki's variable list. While I can rename the variables in the ISY's programming interface to match what is actually being reported by Autelis, is there any known discrepancy between the list variable position and IntelliTouch vs EasyTouch perhaps, or has equipment versions changed things up a bit and the Autelis wiki not kept up?

I also notice that the status.xml values returned from the Autelis are a bit different from the documentation, as well.

I can figure out some of them by watching Autelis results in the web interface and match them up to the proper ISY variable, but it would be nice to have a definitive and correct list.
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Re: ISY Integration State Variable Correctness

Post by kingwr » Thu Dec 27, 2018 11:13 am

If you have some Python coding skills, you may want to look into Polyglot and the Autelis (Pentair) Nodeserver. It was originally developed for a Jandy Aqualink but has been modified to control a Pentair (but not fully tested). Making some adjustments to the code could get it working for you much better than the variable integration in the Autelis controller.
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Re: ISY Integration State Variable Correctness

Post by marcl » Mon Dec 31, 2018 7:00 am

I'm experiencing the same issue, though with trial and error it seems possible to determine the correct nomenclature. What makes it more difficult is that the variables update unreliably.

I'll make changes to my pool settings and the corresponding ISY variables will usually, but, not always, update accordingly. 192.168..../status.xml correctly reports the changes, but, the ISY updates are unreliable.

Is there any way to force the Autelis to update the ISY variables? I have a wired connection between the Autelis and my ISY (through switches), but, the updating of the variables is inconsistent enough that it is making my automation less reliable. My ISY thinks the pool equipment is in one state, when it may be in a very different state.

For example, 192.168..../status.xml and screenlogic both say that FreezeProtect is on, but, the ISY does not know this because the corresponding variable did not update once the temperature dropped. I've built programming to prevent changes to the the system in FreezeProtect mode, but, how can I ensure that the information correctly reaches my ISY?

I'm running Autelis Software Version: 1.6.7 and ISY firmware 4.7.3 which I believe to be the current versions. Is there anything I can do to make the ISY variable updates reliable?
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