Autelis - Pentair Intellitouch & Indigo

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Autelis - Pentair Intellitouch & Indigo

Post by bsp9493 » Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:04 pm

Looking to integrate my existing Intellitouch system with Indigo

I have seen the Autelis controller in the past and it looks to be a far superior device and interface vs the pentair brick and screen logic option.

2 questions

1) I see the controller is out of stock. I am hoping this will be coming back. If so any idea on timeframe?

2) Integration with Indigo. I see there are a number of automation plug ins available, but nothing specific for direct Indigo integration that I can see. I am currently running Indigo with insteon and zwave interfaces. Can I set this up to run with my existing Indigo installation or do i require additional hardware beyond the Autelis controller? If so what additional hardware is required.

Sorry for the newbie type question, been doing piece meal automation for a while, but just getting into the whole home automation idea and still learning what and how to integrate.

Thank in advance

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