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Basic Information

In the past, we recommended GMail for sending your email alerts. As of September, 2013 changes made to GMail are not compatible with sending email from our BN100, SN100, XN200 based devices.

This incompatibility likely also applies to other mail providers that require SSL. These devices support only up to 1024-bit SSL connections.

It is therefore recommended to use a provider that supports non-SSL email. We are working on alternative options and updates. Some currently viable options are listed below.

Example Settings

The following are sample settings for a free AOL webmail account:

   SMTP Server:
   Port: 587
   SSL?: unchecked
   Password: *******

The following providers also provide non-SSL email access:,,, ( port 587).

STunnel Proxy

stunnel is free software that will allow devices that do not support 2048-bit SSL to connect to servers that require it. It can be installed on any computer as well as many linux-based routers and network appliances.

More information: stunnel website

When using stunnel, the email settings on your autelis device should be changed as follows:

   SMTP Server: stunnel host's local IP address
   Port: stunnel port (default 25)
   SSL?: unchecked
   Password: *******

The mail provider's server address and port are then entered into the stunnel configuration. The default configuration has settings for gmail.

Additional Options

Using the mail server/account provided by your ISP on port 25 (or 587) w/ SSL disabled is a good option, if available.

Ask for help in the forum if you need assistance with email configuration.

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