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The TCP Serial Port Firmwares have a serial port enabled on TCP port 6000. This allows you to communicate with Pool Control using either a controller that supports TCP communications or through a TCP to serial port adapter (sold separately) which will enable you to connect to controllers which only support serial connectivity.

The TCP Serial Port will respond to commands and also automatically issue status updates when the state of equipment or settings change.

This firmware is currently under development.

NOTE: Twitter alerts are not available in this firmware. But you can use e-mail alerts in combination with a free service such as posterous or ifttt to convert your e-mails to twitter posts (and more!).

Command Format

Commands start with a "#" character and are followed by a command word. The command word is followed by an optional qualifier symbol and value. Each command is terminated by a "\r" (0x0D) character.

Command Words

AUXn (where n is an integer from 1 to 15)
Supported qualifiers: NULL,?,=
Supported qualifiers: ?
Supported qualifiers: ?
Supported qualifiers: NULL,?,=
Supported qualifiers: NULL,?,=
Supported qualifiers: ?
Supported qualifiers: ?
Supported qualifiers: NULL,?,=
Supported qualifiers: ?
Supported qualifiers: ?
Supported qualifiers: ?
Supported qualifiers: ?
Supported qualifiers: NULL
Change the main valve mode from Pool/Spa/Waterfall
Supported qualifiers: ?
Supported qualifiers: NULL,?,=
Supported qualifiers: ?


If a command word is followed immediately by a carriage return ("\r", 0x0D) then it will act as a toggle command and toggle the state of the equipment specified by the command word.

A question mark designates a query for the state of the equipment or setting specified by the command word.

An equals sign requires a value to which the equipment specified by the command word will be set.
Equipment supported values: 1,0,TRUE,FALSE,T,F (case insensitive)

Response Format

A response to a valid command starts with "!00" followed by a space. Then a command word followed by an equals sign and the value of the equipment or setting specified by the command word.

An invalid command results in a "?01 INVALID COMMAND" response.

All responses end with "\r\n" (0x0D,0x0A).

Example Commands

Some example commands are listed below:


Example Responses

Some example responses are listed below:

"!00 POOLTMP=80 F\r\n"
"!00 AUX1=0\r\n"


Please choose the right firmware for your device model.

Pool Control (PC100HG)

Firmware 1.0.11 update

Current software version: 1.0.11

See forum for details & discussion: Visit Forum

Firmware updates should only be applied over a local network connection. If the firmware update times out on the first attempt, try it again and do not reboot the device.

Note: Firmware updates require the Java runtime available here: http://www.java.com/en/download

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